download CD

Moni's Sims CD (All files from 2000-2002)

what's on the CD

The CD includes my whole website and all downloads:

  • 173 Floors
  • 284 Walls
  • 291 Objects
  • 28 Skins
  • 13 Roofs
  • 50 Houses

All downloads are available either unziped in a seperate folder for quick installation,
or you can download the zip files from the website on the CD.


what's NOT on the CD

There are no exe files on the CD, which means you have to copy the downloads directly into your Sims game folders.

There is also no file manager on the CD. The only way to preview the files before you put them into your game is to browse through the website on the CD.

The files have not been tested on Mac computer systems!


» download cd from fileplanet