May 31, 2005

Hello everyone!
Now that the Sims 2 is out and there is not much interest in the old files anymore, I have decided to bring back all my files for free download. I think there won't be any bandwidth problems this time...

You can find all files in the downloads section now.

The CD is not for sale anymore! But the files will still be downloadable as a package from fileplanet.

December 2, 2003

I made some additions to the Rivendell set. I made a gabled roof, a covered bridge and recolored the windows and doors, so you now can get them in three different colors.

» Rivendell gabled roof
» windows

November 23, 2003

Want to see the Elves?
I'm not sure where you could find them... but I made 12 new objects for a "Rivendell" theme so your Sims can at least live like Elves.
I also made a few matching walls and floors for this theme.

» Rivendell Garden
» door, windows and roof
» walls and floors

November 12, 2003

I'm not really a big Stargate fan... but I love pyramids! So I build a pyramid with a secret "Stargate" room...
I also brought back for download some of my old Egyptian stuff that I used in this "house".

» stargate
» pyramid
» walls and floors
» column and roof